Excuses Don't Burn Calories...Activities Will !!

We Don't Grow When Things Are Easy; We Grow When Things Are CHALLENGING. CHALLENGE Your Friends On Fitness Activities And Grow Stronger.

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Challenge And Earn Money

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Challenge Other Users or Groups

Payment through Paypal

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Awesome Features

The app offers wonderful features which would motivate you to be physically active while interacting with other users and Earn Money. Check out few of the many specialties offered by 'Activity Challenge'.

Challenge And Earn Money

While Registering, user has to Set up a challenge to himself and select a prize amount with which he wants to challenge himself.

Chat With Other Users

Users and groups can message (Chat) each other and share their activities,training plans and select their battle partners to challenge each other.

Promote Other Users or Groups

The user can also support other user or group's activities and act as a sponsor for them and fund them with money in accomplishing their goal

Challenge Other Users or Groups

User can challenge himself or another user,group in any specific activity and advertise themselves to attract more sponsors or followers .

Payment through Paypal

User will have all the monitory transactions via paypal. Collection of money from users via Creditcard or Paypal accounts using Paypal Express.

Follow other Users and Groups

Users can follow different groups and their activities based on their specific interests to find a right opponent to challenge

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Promote the App and Earn

Users can promote the app and get new users and earn money for every new registration and choice of activity from new user.


Promote Yourself on Social Media

Users / groups can also share their achievements on the social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)

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Register to Start The Activity Challenge

User has to Register and get mobile number verification done to be able to login to the application


View the List of Activities

User can have a glance on the list of 55 activities available in the app and chose the one , of his/her interest.


View Challenge Status

Users will be continuously updated with their challenge status as soon as they synchronize the activities and use the APP.

Activity Challenge Highlights

This wonderfully designed App Contains Great Features and is Designed to be User Friendly.

Activity Challenge Snapshots

This is how Activity Challenge App Appears on your Mobile . Have a quick glimpse of the various screens available in the app.


What we do

Challenge Always Motives To Work Hard And Do Better. Activity Challenge is the best source to motivate yourself to indulge in Sporty Athletic Activities. We Help you reach people with similar thoughts as yours and make you physically active in a fun way.


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What our Clients Say

Here are the reflections of our happy clientele. Their feedback helps us to improvise our services on a continual basis.


Glance Through the Frequently Asked Questions to Clarify your Doubts Instantly.

You can create a challenge from the home screen. You can either choose a daily challenge (the chosen date should be always in the near future and cannot be todays date past dates), or You can choose a weekly challenge (the challenge automatically starts from the upcoming week), or You can choose a Longrun challenge (this challenge is specially designed for long term activities, in which you have to train everyday and strive for your final goal). After selection of the activity and the type of challenge, you setup a price money for your activities and can either challenge yourself or your friends or other users or groups. You can check the created challenges under the navigation menu and by clicking my challenges.

Presently we are having about 52 activities.

This $ 1 is used for the verification of genuine account data. The charged $ 1 will be directly deposited into your wallet and can be seen in your app my profile screen.

We hold the challenge money only to ensure the transaction and challenge. This holded money will be released in to your wallet once you have successfully completed the challenge.

The rewards are calculated based on the challenges taken and set price money for challenges.

The ranking of the users is determined based on how active the users are using the function of the app (challenges, user chat messaging, groups creation, group chat messaging, sponsoring, groups, event creation, promotion of users/groups, referring friends, user battles, group battles, etc..)different activities carried out by the users

The users are notified using push notifications. Further users can also check the notification inside the app using the bottom fixed blue ribbon stating the number of messages, number of challenge requests and number of sponsor requests.

Based on the sensors present on your mobile phone, the possible activities which can be measured are automatically highlighted. You can only choose the highlighted activities and take challenge. We also indicate this by stating sensors missing in the bottom of the app screens.

Yes, users/groups can take multiple challenges. the number of challenges is limited to a maximum of 10 challenges. If you want to take more challenges than 10, please contact the admin.

No, you cannot take multiple challenges for one activity against yourself.

Yes, we do charge 5% + 0.30 cents for every transaction as these are the PayPal charges which have to be borne by you.

Yes, you need a smartphone with following sensors (GPS, motion, Noise, Camera, etc..) based on your activities

Once you have accomplished your challenge successfully, you will be rewarded. Rewards will be published in your account / wallet after your challenge completion automatically

You have to provide Activity-Challenge with your PayPal details in to which the money has to be transferred. You can only transfer the reward money after an accumulation of minimum $ 25. You can transfer the money to your PayPal account by using the send money button on top right corner of the screen in my profile page and specify the amount to be transferred and click send money. The money will be automatically transferred to your personal account

The user will be notified about the situation and his account will be freezed until the situation has been resolved. During the freeze time, the user will not be able to take up new challenges.

You can directly use either the contact form or the feedback (feedback, suggestion, complaint) in the app to report an issue. As long as the issue is not solved, the challenges will not be charged or rewarded.

Yes, you can synchronize with another tracking fitness bands / watches and apps. In this case we suggest you to synchronize everyday to ensure the challenge accomplishment

If your mobile/band/watch drains out (battery), then the challenge will not be counted and regarded as lost, so take care that you have enough battery before you go to sleep.

No, Deleting the App doesn’t delete your account. To delete your account you need to cancel / terminate your account in the app.

Activity-Challenge is presently available on Android and iOS operating systems.

Yes, you can earn additional reward money by taking part in lottery, referring friends, scratching cards, watching advertisements, etc. at present and more options to come in the near future. The scratching cards option is only available to the active users participating in challenges.

Ranking states us how active the users / user groups are and this is one of the decision making when it comes to promotional activities / selection of a better battle partner, etc.. High ranking users will be rewarded with additional offers. Further based on the ranking of the users / groups, the users / groups are clustered in to different clusters such as Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Iron. Once the users / groups are clustered into these groups they are rewarded with additional offers and bonuses for each cluster.

Yes, you have to keep the app opened and running in the background such that we can track and synchronise the data directly. This is also advised to avoid any discrepancies due to synchronisation problems

Some mobile phones require activation of their sensors. Activation of the sensors can be done by rotating the smartphones in 8 different directions. If this is not working please call in your phone *#0*# (in Samsung mobiles) and your mobile will show you all the sensors and their activities. If this is not the case there are some external apps which show you the information on your sensors.

The sensors and their combinations used are selected based on different activities measuring requirements. The sensors used are 1.) Motion sensor, 2.) Noise sensor, 3.) Gyroscope sensor, 4.) GPS, 5.) Barometer, 6.) Proximity and 7.) Camera from the mobile phones. Further if you are using wearables such as smartwatches / tracking bands then we will be also collecting data from the sensors present in them.

Activity-Challenge uses smartphone/Gadget / wearable sensors and automatically monitors your activities. Further, if you are using third-party fitness bands or trackers or smart watches, which can track your activities, they can be integrated to Activity-Challenge for monitoring purposes.

Yes, you can choose a single activity and challenge different users / groups for the same challenge

Yes, you can edit your upcoming challenges. The edited challenge will be your new challenge for the upcoming activities and as long as you don’t edit again, the edited challenge continues.

Yes, you can pause your challenge for the upcoming challenges. You cannot pause your challenge during an ongoing challenge.

The cut-off time for finishing the challenge is based on the selected challenges end period and ends midnight at 00:00 / 24:00 hours local time of the users (international time zones) For daily challenges - everyday midnight. For weekly challenges - every Sunday midnight. For longrun challenges - pre-defined ending day midnight.

Please contact Activity-Challenge directly for this problem and we try to solve this as soon as possible. Further we suggest you to synchronize your activities / challenges everyday to avoid missing counts/synchronization problems.

The rewards will be distributed to all the accomplished challenge users / groups after the completion of their respective challenges and this can be seen directly on your my profile page of the service.

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