Activity-Challenge owns and operates the website (the Site). Activity-Challenge also develops, operates and distributes certain software applications (Apps), which include hosted applications and applications for mobile devices. The Site and the Apps, together with all content, forums, information sharing functions (including the ability to post User-generated content, User Content), tools, transactions and other services available at the Site or by using the Apps, are collectively referred to as the Service.

The following Rewards Policy explains the terms and conditions pursuant to which Clients may receive certain rewards from Activity-Challenge (as described herein, Rewards), in connection with their activities and commitments that are specified in separate contracts with Activity-Challenge, including Detox-Buffer plus Activity Challenges and Concentration Challenges (collectively, Challenges). Capitalized terms used herein without definition will have the same meanings as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Service applicable to the Site, Apps, Challenges and Service, which are available at

Calculating Rewards

Promptly after the end of each day, each week (which runs from Monday – Sunday), each challenge, Activity-Challenge charges the Authorized Payment Method for all Clients who did not comply with all of the commitments established in their applicable challenge of that week. The amount charged equals the amount of the service fee agreed by the Client in his or her corresponding Challenge. The total amount successfully charged and actually received by Activity-Challenge from all such Clients constitutes the Gross Fee for that week.Activity-Challenge retains 40 % of the Gross Fee plus refunds issued that week.

The remainder of the Gross Fee (the Net Fee) is used to provide other Clients their respective Rewards in respect of the applicable week. The Net Fee is divided by the total number of committed days that week for all Clients who satisfied their Challenge commitments (the Daily Fee). Each Client who successfully met their Challenge for that day/week/month/specified time will receive an account credit equal to the Daily Fee multiplied by the number of days to which he or she committed in his or her applicable Challenge.

For clarity, the service fees are charged, the Gross Fees and Net Fees are calculated, and the Daily Fees are credited separately for each type of Challenge. In other words, for example, only Clients who committed to a Activity-Challenge during the applicable week could possibly be obligated to pay a Activity-Challenge service fee, or be eligible to receive a credit (based on the Daily Fee for Activity-Challenges), that week.

Referring friends Rewards

Clients / users can refer a friend using the activity-Challenge application and using the specific auto-generated codes. After the successful registration of referred friend and successful choice of atleast one challenge, both the referrer and the referred will be rewarded. The rewards are calculated based on their various activities within the application as well as the ranking. These rewards change from time to time and are subject to terms and conditions.

Redeeming Rewards

Clients can redeem their rewards at anytime. The redeeming of rewards from a client is limited to a maximum of $ 100 per month. The client has to bear a nominal transaction fee of 1.9 % plus $ 0.35 for redeeming the rewards above $ 20, which the client has accumulated in his / her Activity-Challenge accounts. If the Client wants to redeem his rewards below $ 20, the Client has to bear a service charge of 5 % including transaction fee. Clients may redeem the amount of his or her account balance via the applicable Authorized Reward Method, but only if Client is still registered with the Service.

For clarity, each Client’s account balance reflects their combined Rewards, which have been credited pursuant to all of his or her Challenges and not previously redeemed.

Recovery of Rewards

Activity-Challenge reserves the right to recover from any User the amount of any Rewards credited or paid to such User where Activity-Challenge has reason to believe such Rewards accrued in connection with certain violations of the Terms and Conditions of Service, as further described therein (including without limitation, by deducting the amount of such Rewards from User’s account balance, by charging the amount of such Rewards to User’s Authorized Payment Method or by initiating legal action against User).